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A full day course for those responsible for the company’s ESD protection or for those who want a broad knowledge about static electricity. The course is continously updated according to changes in the ESD standard IEC61340-5-1.

Target group
ESD coordinators, production engineers, quality managers, operators, buyers and others who need extended knowledge in the field of ESD protection.

To achieve a broad knowledge about static electricity and how to create a safe ESD environment based on current standard. Also what ESD protection products and controls are required to reduce the risks of damaging electronic products while handling.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge or experience is required but it is good if you are comfortable with basic concepts like Volt, Ohm, etc.

1 – Basic ESD, short repetition
2 – Internal regulation/routine, identification of responsibilities, the coordinator’s role, documentation
3 – Standards/norms affecting the company, suppliers and customers
4 – ESD protected area
5 – Packaging materials, types and quality
6 – Compliance verification plan, time interval, instrument usage. Demonstrations and discussions of basic measuring
7 – Training plan. In-house education

At the latest 7 days before course start

Up to 14 days before the start of the course: No charge
7-13 days before course start: 50% of total cost
Less than 7 days before course start: Full cost

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