ESD for designers/ESD-Konstruktörskurs


2 days incl. food & accommodation

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A two-day training for designers, coordinators or others interested in understanding technology concerning components and ESD-safe design work. The scope is to implement a system-level way of working that includes the whole value chain, from development to production. We also cover practical ESD-protection in R&D as well as an overview of applicable IEC and ANSI standards.

The training is held in English and the speakers have more than fifty years of experience in handling ESD and are both involved in standards development in IEC 61340 as well as ANSI 20.20.

Definitions and common misconceptions — EOS, ESD, EMC, EMI,
ESD models and real world risk scenarios,
Introduction to the System Efficient ESD Design (SEED) concept,
Introduction to ESD Design principles,
Real world ESD versus System level testing,
Detection of ESD,
Examples of real world ESD cases.
Introduction to standards and systems for functional ESD-protection in labs and workshops

Toni Viheriäkoski, Cascade Meterology OY, chairman Finnish SK101, conviener IEC TC101 WG16, member of ESD Association
Patrik Woss, Armeka AB, secretary Swedish TK101, member of ESD Association

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24-25 okt 2024 – Nyköping